3117 West Columbus Drive Suite 209 Suite 209 Tampa, FL 33607
LOCAL: (813) 985-6409
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Sunshine Perfection Floral Arrangement in Tampa, FL | APPLE BLOSSOMS FLORAL DESIGN
Sunshine Perfection
Floral Arrangement
Talk about a ray of sunshine! Featuring stunning yellow roses, beautiful yellow alstroemeria, stylish yellow gerberas, and more, Sunshine Perfection truly lives up to its name. Spread some sunshine and happiness to the ones you love with this vibrant bouquet!
Shown at $65.00
Shown at $65.00
Hospitals and Health Care Providers in Our Delivery Area:
Name Address Phone
7 Summit Pathways1910 Orient Rd Tampa, FL. 33619(813) 630-4673
A Briter Smile Dental Care20729 Center Oak Ave, Suite 108 Tampa, FL. 33647(813) 907-1222
A South Tampa Clinic Doctor Riscile's Walk-In Clin3201 S Dale Mabry Hwy Tampa, FL. 33629(813) 831-6000
Abigail Assisted Living Residence2626 N Dundee St Tampa, FL. 33629(813) 258-2919
Access House Rehabilitation1109 E 139th Ave Tampa, FL. 33613(813) 972-2289
Adult & Geriatric Medical Care7001 N Dale Mabry Hwy Ste 11 Tampa, FL. 33614(813) 915-5555
Advance Home Care 200107 S Willow Ave Tampa, FL. 33606(813) 258-6900
Advanced Spine & Injury Center6944 W Linebaugh Ave,ste. 101 Tampa, FL. 33625(813) 699-0946
Advantage Mri Management Inc2910 W Knights Ave Tampa, FL. 33611(813) 870-2900
After Hours Pediatrics Inc3838 W Neptune St Ste D6, Tampa, FL. 33629(813) 254-4209
Aguila Adult Care Ctr503 N Matanzas Ave Tampa, FL. 33609(813) 872-8000
Albany Avenue Adult Congregate211 N Albany Ave Tampa, FL. 33606(813) 253-0034
Alimar Assisted Living2933 W Columbus Dr Tampa, FL. 33607(813) 350-9040
All Kids Clinic1922 W Dr Martin Luther King Jr Blvd Martin L King Jr, Tampa, FL. 33607(813) 849-5437
Allcare General Medical Clinic14924 Casey Rd, Tampa, FL. 33624(813) 963-1982
Ambient Healthcare Inc4710 Eisenhower Blvd Ste 12 Tampa, FL. 33634(813) 886-5866
American Pediatrics Inc5009 N Central Ave Tampa, FL. 33603(813) 231-9191
American Relax Ctr4600 N Habana Ave Tampa, FL. 33614(813) 877-8381
American Well Care Inc1612 W Waters Ave # 102a Tampa, FL. 33604(813) 935-3283
Amrose Care2520 W Crest Ave, Tampa, FL. 33614(813) 872-8296
Angel's Garden Alf8003 N Rome Ave Tampa, FL. 33604(813) 933-5159
Ankle + Foot Center2835 W De Leon St Tampa, FL. 33609(813) 254-4747
Arc13719 N Nebraska Ave Tampa, FL. 33613(813) 978-1300
Artistic Liposculpting Center6319 Memorial Highway Tampa, FL. 33615(813) 886-9090
Aseracare Home Health (carrolwood)10330 N Dale Mabry Hwy Suite 220 Tampa, FL. 33618(813) 265-4349
Aseracare Home Health (tampa)5509 W Gray St Suite 204 Tampa, FL. 33609(813) 289-3778
At Home With Friends Inc3901 W Platt St Tampa, FL. 33609(813) 876-8229
At Home With Friends Inc3720 W Bay To Bay Blvd Tampa, FL. 33629(813) 831-1914
Balance Harmony7827 N Dale Mabry Hwy Tampa, FL. 33614(813) 933-1087
Bamboo Villas Alf2730 W Wilder Ave Tampa, FL. 33614(813) 872-0790
Bayshore Presbyterian Apt2909 W Barcelona St Tampa, FL. 33629(813) 839-3381
Blackstone Medical Svc730 S Sterling Ave Tampa, FL. 33609(813) 872-9600
Brightstar1915 N Dale Mabry Hwy Suite 406, Tampa, FL. 33607(813) 870-6700
Buena Vida Residence Inc5813 Lake Bend Ave Tampa, FL. 33614(813) 876-9244
Camelot Community Care405 E Palm Ave, Tampa, FL. 33602(813) 228-0731
Canterbury Tower3501 Bayshore Blvd Tampa, FL. 33629(813) 837-1083
Caribe Health Center Inc4812 N Habana Ave Tampa, FL. 33614(813) 873-1392
Carrollwood Smiles3401 W Fletcher Ave Suite A Tampa, FL. 33618(813) 491-7919
Casa De Palma House Of Palms302 E Palm Ave, Tampa, FL. 33602(813) 229-7302
Casa Marti4406 Melton Ave Tampa, FL. 33614(813) 870-1430
Catholic Health East6200 W Courtney Campbell # 100 Tampa, FL. 33607(813) 281-9098
Center For Rational Living3202 Henderson Blvd Ste 300 Tampa, FL. 33609(813) 874-0600
Center For Specialized Surgery2808 W Dr Martin Luther Kng Jr Tampa, FL. 33607(813) 874-2040
Charter Behavioral Health Syst4001 N Riverside Dr Tampa, FL. 33603(813) 238-8671
Childrens Medical Clinic507 E Lake Ave Martin L King Jr #112 Tampa, FL. 33603(813) 229-6139
Clifford Hill Boarding Home1303 E New Orleans Ave Tampa, FL. 33603(813) 237-5439
Coalition Recovery3012 N Us 301 Tampa, FL. 33619(888) 707-2873
Coleman's Residential Boarding115 N Delaware Ave Tampa, FL. 33606(813) 254-7147
Columbus Rehab Ctr2114 W Columbus Dr Tampa, FL. 33607(813) 374-9948
Comfort Care Medical Rehab3712 W Walnut St, Tampa, FL. 33607(813) 876-0038
Continucare Medical Grp Office3225 S Macdill Ave # 117 Tampa, FL. 33629(813) 837-2814
Cross Over For Women2904 N Mitchell Ave Tampa, FL. 33602(813) 655-4457
Cta River Apartments Inc4505 N Rome Ave Tampa, FL. 33603(813) 231-9117
Dalia Assisted Living Facility4536 W Idlewild Ave Tampa, FL. 33614(813) 882-9848
Davita Central Tampa Home Hemo4204 N Macdill Ave, Tampa, FL. 33607(813) 872-8216
Delatorre Dentistry10830 Sheldon Road Tampa, FL. 33626(813) 792-9400
Dethune Clinic1515 W Union St, Tampa, FL. 33607(813) 251-4447
Docare Clinic3317 W Gandy Blvd, Tampa, FL. 33611(813) 878-2222
Doctor's Walk-In Clinic2810 W Dr Martin Luther King Jr Blvd Tampa, FL. 33607(813) 877-8450
Dr. William Lichter6712 Hanley Rd Tampa, FL. 33634(813) 885-6001
Drug Rehab Centers Tampa503 E Jackson St Tampa, FL. 33602(813) 579-4155
E & C's Ybor Manor Inc2903 N 17th St Tampa, FL. 33605(813) 248-5663
East Tampa Medical Center4802 E 7th Ave, Tampa, FL. 33605(813) 248-6245
Elmcroft Of Carrollwood2626 W. Bearss Avenue Tampa, FL. 33618(813) 960-5346
Eva's Home Care2601 N Woodrow Ave Tampa, FL. 33602(813) 228-0206
Florida Wellness & Rehab101 N Franklin St, Suite A Tampa, FL. 33602(813) 229-2225
Focus Home Health Care200 S Hoover Blvd Ste 160, Tampa, FL. 33609(813) 288-8001
Fsj Boarding Home4202 N Nebraska Ave Tampa, FL. 33603(813) 238-1487
Fusion Healthcare2511 W Virginia Ave Tampa, FL. 33607(813) 636-5017
Gail's A L F811 E Osborne Ave Tampa, FL. 33603(813) 239-3322
Gentle Dentistry3500 E Fletcher Ave #221 Tampa, FL. 33613(813) 922-3093
Gloria's Aclf6015 N Himes Ave Tampa, FL. 33614(813) 870-0131
Gloria's Aclfi3213 W Cass St Tampa, FL. 33609(813) 879-1544
Gomez Injury Clinic4602 N Armenia Ave # D1 Tampa, FL. 33603(813) 876-1690
Good Health Associates Inc2411 W Boy Scout Blvd Tampa, FL. 33607(813) 871-4927
Grand Court Tampa4902 Bayshore Blvd Tampa, FL. 33611(813) 835-4475
Gulf Coast Injury Center1104 W Kennedy Blvd, Tampa, FL. 33606(813) 258-6051
H & H Medical Clinic2901 W Hillsborough Ave Tampa, FL. 33614(813) 870-2233
Habana Medical Center5352 N Habana Ave Tampa, FL. 33614(813) 871-6064
Haciendas De Ybor Apartments1615 Hacienda Ct Tampa, FL. 33605(813) 248-9640
Hailes Boarding Home1009 N Willow Ave Tampa, FL. 33607(813) 251-1327
Hanna Oaks Personal Care Comm2425 E Hanna Ave Tampa, FL. 33610(813) 238-3053
Health & Wellbeing 22700 N Macdill Ave # 110 Tampa, FL. 33607(813) 876-4729
Health And Well Being Inc3401 W Columbus Dr Ste 2 Tampa, FL. 33607(813) 341-5100
Health Plus Wellness Centers3338 S Dale Mabry Hwy Tampa, FL. 33629(813) 832-4792
Healthwest Rehab Group4229 N Habana Ave Tampa, FL. 33607(813) 870-7227
Hillsborough County - Specialty Care Clinic1105 E Kennedy Blvd Tampa, FL. 33602(813) 307-8064
Home Association Inc1203 E 22nd Ave Tampa, FL. 33605(813) 229-6901
Homes Of Regency Cove Inc4851 W Gandy Blvd Tampa, FL. 33611(813) 839-5441
Hudson Manor Inc115 E Davis Blvd Tampa, FL. 33606(813) 254-8399
Hyperbaric And Wound Care Inc1213 W Hillsborough Ave Tampa, FL. 33603(813) 238-3178
Injury & Accident Clinic2310 W Waters Ave # B Tampa, FL. 33604(813) 933-9529
Injury Rehabilitation Care Inc7821 N Dale Mabry Hwy Ste 106 Tampa, FL. 33614(813) 964-6841
Insignia Care For Women4150 N Armenia Ave # 200, Tampa, FL. 33607(813) 876-0914
Invo Progressus2701 N. Rocky Point Drive, Suite 650 Tampa, FL. 33607(813) 288-8131
Jewish Center Towers3001 W De Leon St Tampa, FL. 33609(813) 870-1830
Jsa Medical Group-Palma Ceia3602 S Manhattan Ave Tampa, FL. 33629(813) 837-0221
Kelly Assisted Living Servic4100 W Kennedy Blvd Tampa, FL. 33609(813) 286-1445
King's Manor2946 W Columbus Dr Ofc Tampa, FL. 33607(813) 875-0139
Lepard's Boarding Home414 W Ross Ave Tampa, FL. 33602(813) 225-1317
Life Span Rehab Corp4710 N Habana Ave # 301 Tampa, FL. 33614(813) 871-5882
Lifepath Hospice1918 S Dale Mabry Hwy Tampa, FL. 33629(813) 259-1028
Lifepath Hospice3010 W Azeele St Tampa, FL. 33609(813) 877-2200
Lifepath Hospice And Palliative Inc11150 N 53rd St, Tampa, FL. 33617(813) 984-2100
M & R Therapy800 W Dr Martin Luther King Jr Blvd Tampa, FL. 33603(813) 223-2500
Magnolia Gardens Manor2600 E 31st Ave Tampa, FL. 33610(813) 247-3257
Manhattan Place4033 S Manhattan Ave Tampa, FL. 33611(813) 831-7115
Mariner Health Care3117 W Gandy Blvd Tampa, FL. 33611(813) 261-5500
Matrix Healthcare Services5706 N Center Dr Tampa, FL. 33604(813) 247-2077
Medical Center Bellmar3322 W Woodlawn Ave, Tampa, FL. 33607(813) 514-9999
Meditech Medical Centers7208 N Sterling Ave Tampa, FL. 33614(813) 933-3060
Methodist Place400 E Harrison St Tampa, FL. 33602(813) 229-2791
Migdalia's Aclf2302 N Lincoln Ave Tampa, FL. 33607(813) 879-6980
Miller Chiropractic & Medical Center2942 W Columbus Dr, Tampa, FL. 33607(813) 879-6500
Mounte De Sion3204 W Leroy St Tampa, FL. 33607(813) 875-7425
Nena's Comfort Of Home4623 W Bay To Bay Blvd Tampa, FL. 33629(813) 837-0546
New Life Medical Ctr4521 N Habana Ave Tampa, FL. 33614(813) 353-0666
Oakland Manor2812 N Nebraska Ave Tampa, FL. 33602(813) 229-6722
Oakwood Park Su Casa1514 E Chelsea St Tampa, FL. 33610(813) 238-6406
One Source Medical Group11941 Sheldon Rd Tampa, FL. 33626(813) 792-3560
Osteoporosis And Rheumatology Center Of Tampa Bay3218 W Azeele St Tampa, FL. 33609(813) 879-1188
Palm Ave Baptist Tower215 E Palm Ave Tampa, FL. 33602(813) 223-2686
Palma Ceia3011 W De Leon St Tampa, FL. 33609(813) 354-8767
Peace Of Mind Medical Care1913 W Dr Martin Luther King Jr Blvd Tampa, FL. 33607(813) 801-9192
Pediatrix Medical Group4321 N Macdill Ave Tampa, FL. 33607(813) 879-4101
Phr Associates4221 N Himes Ave, Tampa, FL. 33607(813) 931-0101
Physical Rehab Ctr Inc1936 W Union St Martin L Kng Jr #206, Tampa, FL. 33607(813) 870-1802
Pinnacle Health Group2605 W Swann Ave # 100, Tampa, FL. 33609(813) 874-5500
Presbyterian Villas Of Tampa4011 S Manhattan Ave Tampa, FL. 33611(813) 839-5331
Rehabilitation & Elctrdgnstcs2914 N Boulevard Tampa, FL. 33602(813) 228-7696
Rehabilitation & Healthcare4411 N Habana Ave Tampa, FL. 33614(813) 872-2771
Renal Care Group4705 N Armenia Ave Tampa, FL. 33603(813) 871-6515
Rescare Homecare4100 W Kennedy Blvd Suite 334 Tampa, FL. 33609(813) 286-0144
River Pines Apartments7517 N 40th St Tampa, FL. 33604(813) 985-4419
Ruby's Residence5906 N 32nd St Tampa, FL. 33610(813) 237-1330
Saint Joseph's Hospital3001 W Dr Martin Luther Kng Jr Tampa, FL. 33607(813) 554-8500
Santa Monica Clinic2901 W Saint Isabel St # E Tampa, FL. 33607(813) 874-2982
Sexual Health Std Testing2727 W Dr Martin Luther King Jr Blvd Tampa, FL. 33607(813) 995-7975
Slezak Colonrectal Surgery Clinic4814 N Habana Ave Tampa, FL. 33614(813) 873-2650
Solutions Medical Ctr Iv Inc4150 N Armenia Ave # 201 Tampa, FL. 33607(813) 374-2124
South Tampa Health & Rehab Ctr4610 S Manhattan Ave Tampa, FL. 33611(813) 839-5311
Springs Water Assisted Living Facility1411 E Waters Ave Tampa, FL. 33604(813) 935-8978
St Joseph Hospital3001 Dr Martin Luther King Jr Tampa, FL. 33610(813) 870-6470
St Joseph's HospitalPo Box 4227 Tampa, FL. 33677(813) 870-4000
St Joseph's Occupational Health Program3005 W Dr Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Tampa, FL. 33607(813) 870-4485
St Joseph's Women's Hospital3030 W Dr Martin Luther Kng Jr Tampa, FL. 33607(813) 879-4730
Take Care Health Systems2115 E Hillsborough Ave Tampa, FL. 33610(813) 237-3743
Tampa Arthritis Center Pa508 S Habana Ave # 120 Tampa, FL. 33609(813) 873-7321
Tampa Baptist Manor Inc215 W Grand Central Ave Tampa, FL. 33606(813) 253-2868
Tampa Bay Womens Center5830 W Cypress St Ste A Tampa, FL. 33607(813) 286-2768
Tampa Family Health Ctr1514 N Florida Ave # 300 Tampa, FL. 33602(813) 490-1957
Tampa General Hospital1 Tampa General Tampa, FL. 33606(813) 844-7000
Tampa General Rehab Ctr6 Tampa General Cir Tampa, FL. 33606(813) 844-7700
Tampa Health Care Ctr2916 Habana Way Tampa, FL. 33614(813) 876-5141
Tampa Outpatient Surgical5013 N Armenia Ave Tampa, FL. 33603(813) 875-0562
Tampa Presbyterian Village721 W Green St Tampa, FL. 33607(813) 253-0008
Tampa Total Health2410 Victoria Gdns Tampa, FL. 33609(813) 443-0777
Tgh Family Care Ctr5802 N 30th St, Tampa, FL. 33610(813) 237-2856
The Little Clinic3615 W Gandy Blvd Tampa, FL. 33611(813) 316-4036
The Treatment Center Of The Palm Beaches701 S Howard Ave Tampa, FL. 33606(813) 421-3604
Therapy & Sports Ctr Of Tampa4511 N Himes Ave Tampa, FL. 33614(813) 873-9114
Tlc Graham Home2400 E Henry Ave Tampa, FL. 33610(813) 272-2219
Tlc Medical, Aesthetics, & Pain Management5106 North Armenia Avenue Suite 1 Tampa, FL. 33603(813) 874-1852
Turning Point Of Tampa Inc6227 Sheldon Road Tampa, FL. 33615(813) 882-3003
United Healthcare Center Inc2137 W Dr Martin Luther King Jr Blvd Martin L King Jr Tampa, FL. 33607(813) 350-0150
United Medical Care3203 W Tampa Bay Blvd Tampa, FL. 33607(813) 871-2950
University Community Hospital7171 N Dale Mabry Hwy Tampa, FL. 33614(813) 932-2222
University Glaucoma Ctr4444 E Fletcher Ave Ste C Tampa, FL. 33613(813) 972-9040
Urgicare Tampa3345 S Dale Mabry Hwy Tampa, FL. 33629(813) 831-7766
Vein Specialists Of Tampa2835 W De Leon Tampa, FL. 33609(813) 374-9002
Vencor Hospital4801 N Howard Ave Tampa, FL. 33603(813) 874-7575
Vencor Hospital4555 S Manhattan Ave Tampa, FL. 33611(813) 839-6341
Weightloss Holdings L.l.c.412 E Madison St # 1100 Tampa, FL. 33602(813) 225-1051
West Park Animal Hospital11659 Countryway Blvd Tampa, FL. 33626(813) 749-6863
Ybor City Healthcare & Rehab1709 N Taliaferro Ave Tampa, FL. 33602(813) 223-4623
Yetey Assisted Living Facility8602 N 22nd St, Tampa, FL. 33604(813) 930-8370
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3117 West Columbus Drive Suite 209
Suite 209
Tampa, FL. 33607
Local: (813) 985-6409

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